Carbonated Coconut Milk – Go to the shirt less man with the mini guitar on the right,talk to him,and collect “Carbonated Coconut Milk”.

Enter  The Cave – Go to Ancient Ruins street on the right and enter the cave with the teeth.

Translation Key – Push the rock and climb the vine, and go on top of the cage and collect “Translation Key”.

Password – Enter the cage and go to the top left and you’ll see a mini face with symbols on its teeth,click it. Now,this is what you press…The second top one,The bottom second one, The bottom third one,and the top fourth one. Press the nose, and the passage shall open.

The Confusing Part – Go to the bottom, then the left, and climb the statue. Go on top of the swinging platform, then go to the left and just go down. Now collect “Old Bone” on the left. Now climb back up, and go to the left on go on the platform this time, and exit.

Key  Ingredient – Go to the left and collect “Key Ingredient”, and now climb the rope back up.

Grass Skirt – Exit Main Street, Go past Ancient Ruins,and enter Booga Bay. Talk to the man in the grass skirt, and he’ll give you a grass skirt. Now go back to Ancient Ruins.

Medicine Man – Push the square rock in front of the vine, and climb it all the way to the top. Put on the “Grass Skirt” and then talk to Medicine Man. He’ll mix your ingredients together and then he’ll give you a coconut.

Bye Bye Booga – Exit and enter Booga Bay. Go to the right and click on the cannon. Shoot the coconut that the Medicine Man gave you and Booga will eat it and fall asleep. Now go past the water on the right, and go to the right.

Recused – Talk to one of the people on the right and they’ll start to follow you. Go back to Booga Bay and go to the lady with the purple purse and you’ll earn the medallion!!