Glowstick – Go to “Early Poptropica” street and go down the well. Then go to the top left and collect “Glowstick”. Now exit.

Prized Porker – Go to Main Street and go down the sewer. Now go to the south east part of the room and collect “Prized Porker”. Now go to left and avoid the giant spider. Find your way through the maze.

Golden Egg – Try to guide yourself through the maze using the words written on the walls. Not the “scary” ones. Don’t worry about those, that is just there to scare you. When you find it and collect it then go up and you should arrive at “Poptropica Towers”,

Return It To The Giant – Go up and go to the top left. Climb the vine, go up and return it to the giant.

Water Bucket – Go to “Giant’s Garden”. Go to the bottom right and collect “Water Bucket”.

Jet Pack – Go to the “Airport Graveyard” and go to the east side and collect the Jet Pack.

Signal Flag – Go back to “Giant’s Garden” and go past the shovel, go through the hole,climb the vine down and collect the flag. You then return them to their owners on the “Early Poptropica” street, then go to the right and talk to the guy on the ship. He’ll then give you a medallion.


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